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I can't believe how easy this is. Eclectic Tech even told me what to put on each page of my website.
--Vulputate velit esse molestie. Consequat, NJ

I have no idea what to put on my website!

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I love how specific your testimonials are. I can tell that customers derived true value from your products and services. You only abbreviated identifying information if your services were of a sensitive nature, and for business-to-business services, you even provided me with a link to the client company's website so I know they really exist and can contact them about you. Even when you weren't able to provide names, you provided specific town and city information to help me feel at ease about your services. Thank you for having such specific glowing testimonies for your services!
--U. Legitis. Facit, NY

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy can be as short and sweet as "We won't give your information away. We collect your address for our own use only." through to a longwinded explanation of exactly how you will or will not use the email addresses or personally identifying information that you collect.

If you have any plans to share or sell the information you gather on your website, please contact an attorney about how to phrase your privacy policies, and to make sure your intended use of the information is not in violation of the CANN-SPAM act, or other laws that you are held to.